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View of the National Carillion reflected in Lake Bruley Griffin at dawn in Canberra, Australia.

Program at a Glance

Australian National University

Country or area Australia
City Canberra
Class Level So, Jr, Sr, Gr
Experience Type Immersion
Minimum GPA 2.75
Term Spring Semester, Fall Semester
Taught In English
Language Prereq no
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About The Program

Conflict. War. Terrorism. Governments, global organizations, and businesses are working to counter threats to peace and security. In Australia's capital, Canberra, you’ll get a close-up look at current issues facing international security. Through war games and crisis simulations, learn about the decision-making involved in international security situations. If you're interested in joining the United Nations, intelligence agencies, or other similar careers, you'll get the practical experience through an internship or a research project. The seat of Australian federal government, Canberra is a cosmopolitan atmosphere that contrasts with its surrounding nature reserves. After hours, take a moment to decompress at a nearby beach, park, or snow field.

Where you'll study

Australian National University (ANU) is the place to be if you are interested in government, politics, and diplomacy. With its close ties to Australian federal government agencies, it not only researches scientific advancements, but sees them carried into policy and practice. Canberra, the capital of Australia, is an urban city located in the Australian Capital Territory. The city is the seat of federal government and home to most embassies and major cultural and governmental institutions. It is clean, full of cultural attractions and eateries, and buzzing with governmental and diplomatic action. Yet, Canberra has the feel of a small university town and the campus itself is renowned for its natural setting and thousands of trees.


Optional field trips and activities to introduce the local culture are available through your host university. Most events are free or discounted, but some come with an additional cost not included in UCEAP fees.

<p>Delve into the universe at NASA's deep space facility in Canberra</p>

Delve into the universe at NASA's deep space facility in Canberra

<p>Visit Kosciuszko National Park for alpine hiking or cave spelunking&nbsp;</p>

Visit Kosciuszko National Park for alpine hiking or cave spelunking 

This study abroad experience shaped my professional conduct and strengthened my research skills, both crucial self-development for the internships I will be doing in Sacramento and Washington. I wanted to develop myself professionally and socially on my study abroad program, and I successfully achieved this. Now, I feel more confident in my ability to adapt and thrive in the new environments that I will encounter on my educational and professional path.

Guillermo Becerra UC Santa Barbara Political Science Australia