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City of London skyline against River Thames at dusk

Program at a Glance

Imperial College London

Country or area United Kingdom - England
City London
Class Level Jr, Sr
Experience Type Immersion
Minimum GPA 3.0
Term Year
Taught In English
Language Prereq no
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About The Program

If you enjoy stunning skylines and ultramodern transportation, spend a year in London and become a true Brit! The Imperial College program is a year-long experience at a one-of-a-kind university in central London. The city is home to millions of foreign-born residents, making it one of the most multicultural cities in the world. That diversity is reflected in the student community as well. The university’s strong connection with industry allows you to explore career options and global networking opportunities. This program is open to engineering, computer science, and Earth science majors.


Imperial College is the UK’s only university focused exclusively on science, technology, engineering, medicine and business. Its full name is the Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine. The laser-like focus on STEM means students who attend Imperial College are making significant impacts in global health, artificial intelligence, and climate change for the world. Imperial College has a number of campuses in London and all have excellent travel links through the easily accessible public transportation system. When the lawn on the modestly sized South Kensington campus is crowded, take a short walk to London’s Hyde Park for some outdoor scenery. In keeping with its academic focus, Imperial College is a three-minute walk from the London Science Museum.