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Maas River and buildings near the water in Maastricht, Netherlands.

City at a Glance

Maastricht, Netherlands
Location Southeastern Netherlands
City type Medium city
Population 277,000
Official language(s) Dutch
Climate Mild marine
Average temperatures January: 37° F, July: 65° F
Landscape Urban, riverscape, woodlands
Factoid The treaty establishing the European Union and EU citizenship was signed in Maastricht.

About Maastricht

Birthplace of the European Union, Maastricht connects cultures and history within its compact and cosmopolitan borders. Residents are just as likely to speak German or French as they are to speak Dutch. Large numbers of international students absorb Dutch culture as they bring parts of their own culture to the picturesque city. Along the Meuse River, a blend of 17th-century mansions and cutting-edge architecture makes for a beautifully eclectic cityscape. There’s a lively bohemian side with boutiques and art galleries balanced by the inviting city center with large squares, traditional European facades, and city walls. It’s easy to find the charm in Maastricht cycling around the city or stopping for a coffee in one of the many cafés.

Where is Maastricht

50.8513682, 5.6909725

What to do in Maastricht

  • Maastricht Underground: Tour Maastricht's maze of underground art caves and unlock its history from Napoleonic times to Nazi art caches to World War II shelters and escapes.
  • Vrijthof square: Make the pleasant square the base of your explorations around the city. Visit medieval churches before people-watching at one of the many cafés.
  • Meuse River cruise: Discover Maastricht and its landmarks from the river as you enjoy aromatic coffee and flaky pastries.
  • City Park: Sunbathe one day, follow the remains of the city walls the next, and take a weekend day to pay respects to one of the Three Musketeers.
  • Wyck district: Find the heart of Maastricht in the neighborhood with vintage shops, stately mansions, and cafés next to the Meuse River.

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