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Solving the world’s environmental problems like pollution, climate change, and dwindling natural resources takes a curious mind and a creative scientific approach. Taking your environmental science studies abroad means the opportunity to learn how soils can be decontaminated from farm products in Ghana, test the effects of carbon on rainwater in a Costa Rican rainforest, or model how arctic sea ice is changing in response to a warming planet in Iceland

Traditional houses by the river Wensum in Norwich at dusk, Norfolk.

Programs for environmental science majors

Environment and Sustainability, East Anglia

The University of East Anglia has been a climate research pioneer for over 50 years.

Courses focus on timely topics like sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, conservation, and environmental politics.

Participate in hands-on field work with local students from the United Kingdom.

Mountain range, river, and forest in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile

Calling all sustainability, ecology, environment, and forestry majors!

Social-Ecological Sustainability in Southern Chile

With some of the most beautiful landscapes and miles of untouched nature, Chile is ideal for students interested in the delicate balance between continued development and conservation.

Participate in a team environmental planning project while exploring national parks.

Take a five-day cabin retreat to learn field research skills and live on an ecological reserve surrounded by ancient forests, tall mountains, and sparkling rivers.

Ghana made me appreciate my cultural and familial values much more and widened my understanding of where my home truly is. I learned so much more from Ghana than I ever expected.

Keerthana Muthukrishnan UC Los Angeles Geography and Environmental Studies Ghana

As an aspiring environmental engineer and a student of color, I want to revamp current civil systems for rural and developing communities through renewable energy, green infrastructure, sustainable materials, and better water, electric, and broadband networks. I want to redefine engineering to be not only about projects but more about the people they serve.

Akshyae Singh UC Los Angeles Cognitive Science and Environmental Engineering Singapore

My internship in Chile fundamentally changed my approach to my education and career goals, and I am confident that these lessons have prepared me well for my future endeavors. As I complete my undergraduate degree and move on to graduate school, I plan to continue to serve underprivileged communities facing severe environmental and public health issues as a result of climate change. 

Alina Zarate UC Berkeley Environmental Sciences Chile

Standing in front of a class and teaching in Spanish for an hour was a great way to improve my language level and increase my confidence. I also gained more clarity on the roles and responsibilities of a teacher. To experience the dynamics of a classroom was a goal I was able to achieve through my internship abroad.

Tatum Sandvigen UC Santa Barbara Environmental Studies Chile

Study abroad was a really good learning experience. I came out of it a much more confident person. I felt more adult, more grown up. I learned a lot about myself and other cultures, languages, and people. I made a lot of friends and got to travel to some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Kirsten Cook UC Santa Barbara Environmental Studies Chile

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