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Church next to large palm trees with a view of Bernal in QuerétaroState, Mexico.

Program at a Glance

UC Center, Mexico City

Country or area Mexico
City Mexico City, Oaxaca, Queretaro, Yucatan
Class Level Jr, Sr, Gr
Experience Type Research
Minimum GPA 2.5
Term Fall Semester
Taught In Spanish
Language Prereq yes
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About The Program

Ready for adventure? Got a research topic in mind? Take your curiosity and ideas to Mexico, where a diverse population, rich ecology, and fascinating history provide compelling possibilities for research. Courses in field research methods, Mexican culture, and Spanish language in Mexico City combined with mentors set you up for success. Present your findings during a trip to Cuetzalan, a town in a mountainous area near waterfalls and pyramid ruins. This is a research experience that can set you apart when pursuing a career. Program trips may include a visit to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, a performance of Ballet Folklórico, or the mountain getaway of Malinalco.

Where you'll study

Located between Coyoacán and San Ángel, UC Center Mexico City is housed in La Casa de California. La Casa de California is a University of California facility founded to enhance the cultural ties between California and Mexico. Near several premier institutions of learning and research, this UC Center is a miniature campus with offices, lounge areas, and classrooms. A beautiful building from the turn of the 20th century and elegantly landscaped grounds make the complex a comfortable, relaxed place for students and scholars to interact and take part in cultural events.


Optional field trips and activities to introduce the local culture are available through your host university. Most events are free or discounted, but some come with an additional cost not included in UCEAP fees.

<p>Excursion to the ancient pyramids in Teotihuacán</p>

Excursion to the ancient pyramids in Teotihuacán

<p>Ballet Folklórico performance</p>

Ballet Folklórico performance

<p>Mountain getaway in the historic town of Malinalco</p>

Mountain getaway in the historic town of Malinalco

<p>Vineyard experience in <em>Querétaro</em></p>

Vineyard experience in Querétaro

<p>Research trips&nbsp;in Puebla, Yucatan, Oaxaca, or <em>Querétaro</em></p>

Research trips in Puebla, Yucatan, Oaxaca, or Querétaro