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For the first half of the program in Mexico City, UCEAP prearranges housing for you in a homestay to help you advance your language skills and immerse in the local culture. After that, you will travel to your research site and work with your mentor to arrange your own housing, usually an apartment or homestay.

Mexico City Homestay

Most homestays are in the borough of Coyoacán, one of the oldest in Mexico City. The area is filled with cobblestone streets and many historic colonial plazas and green parks. Relatively peaceful during the week, the center of Coyoacán becomes crowded and festive on weekends and holidays. Homestays can house multiple students so you may be living with other UC students.


  • Private or shared bedroom
  • Private or shared bathroom
  • Meal plan (negotiable)

Live with

  • Local residents
  • UC students


Homestays are typically a 20-minute bus ride to Casa de California where classes are held.