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Fields of Study: Humanities, Social Sciences

This program includes a multidisciplinary seminar taught in English along with Portuguese language study for beginners. The seminar covers a range of topics in a compact series of lectures by professors and other specialists. By the end of the program, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of many aspects of Brazilian politics, culture, business and race relations. You’ll also get an introduction to fields that can help you further interact in Brazilian culture and society, whether as a student or in a future career.

Unique study opportunities

  • Learn alongside international scholars and business professionals
  • Seminar-related excursions and city tours
  • Plenty of cultural activities to practice your Portuguese with locals
  • Brazilian music seminar session
  • Favelas in Rio (spaces of segregation or integration) seminar session


Language of Instruction: English

Portuguese Language Study: Required

Before departure, you’ll take an online language placement exam to determine the level of introductory Portuguese language you will take during the summer program.

Courses and credit

Requirements While Abroad

To successfully complete this program:

  • Complete two courses for a total of 9 quarter/6 semester UC units.
  • Both courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Both courses must be taken for their maximum unit value.

Current Program Courses

After arrival, you’ll receive a schedule of lectures as well as planned social activities, city tours and seminar-related excursions around Rio that are included in the program.

The seminar lectures take place between two sessions of intensive Portuguese language instruction. Three days of language classes will precede the seminar lectures. During the final week of the program you will return to the language instruction to perfect what you've learned and encounter more sophisticated vocabulary related to your favorite seminars. 

Research and Independent Study

Research and independent study are typically not available.

Catalogs and resources

  • UCEAP Course Catalog: See a list of courses UC students have taken in Brazil.
  • Campus Credit Abroad: Learn the types of credit (major, minor, general education, elective) students from your campus received at this location. There are currently no listings for this program in the database.

Academic culture

Because the Brazilian Seminar is an international program, all instructors in the department have long experience interacting with UC students. In some cases your classmates will be young scholars, business people or other professionals from around the world seeking the same immersion into Brazilian society that you are.

PUC-Rio has a highly ranked department devoted to the study of Portuguese as a second language. There is no better way to fast-track your language proficiency, become familiar with this exciting city, and broaden your knowledge of Brazil and its place in South America.


You will earn direct UC credit and grades for all coursework. Grades for the summer term are typically available a month after the program ends. Grades may not arrive in time to accommodate summer degree verification deadlines.