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Internships in a wide variety of fields such as science, engineering, information technology, biotechnology, media, communication, arts, business, marketing, and community development are possible.

Key Facts

  • Internships on this program are optional.
  • A minimum time commitment of 130-170 (work and academic) hours is required with the internship.


You can intern in English.


You’ll take a course to guide your internship experience. To meet the course requirements, you may be required to participate in meetings, discussions, journaling, and a final project.

  • The internship can replace one course
  • Letter grade or pass/no pass credit

Current Internship Courses

You will enroll in one of the following work-integrated learning courses:

Enrollment in the course is managed with an application that is completed prior to the start of your semester abroad.


The internship is arranged with support from the host university after you apply to the program. In your host university application, you will indicate your desire for an internship and complete an application to enroll in the course. You will leverage the guidance and online resources available through the university, as well as your own networking skills, to find an internship. The responsibility for securing an internship placement is up to you. Internships are highly sought after and it is recommended that you begin the process of obtaining an internship at least two months before you arrive. If you are successful in arranging an internship that is approved by the university, you will be enrolled in the internship course after you arrive.

Get an Award

Student with camera

Scoring academic credit while learning real-world skills during an internship is just the start. After your program ends, you can apply for an award. You’ll focus on the marketable skills you gained—an ideal addition to your résumé.



Learn About Internship Awards