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Perhaps no other study abroad destination provides more surprises than Canada, an international melting pot that attracts students from all over the world. Montreal is a charming urban haven teeming with energy, where the locals relish world-class dining, endless activities, and beautiful green spaces. Surrounded by evergreen forests, snow-capped mountains, and the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver offers the perfect balance between bustling city life and the great outdoors. In any city you choose, Canada is a fabulous choice for professional development, hands-on research, and even a bit of French language training. With flights under five hours from California, our neighbor to the north is also a convenient way to find adventure that isn't too far from home. 

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Computer science abroad

Take your computer science education to places where theory meets practice. Explore software and algorithms, data science and artificial intelligence, information management and security. Practice problem solving through study, work, and life in a new place. Add an international dimension to your résumé and prepare for a career in a competitive world.

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