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View of mountains and Garibaldi Lake from Panorama Ridge in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.

Program at a Glance

University of British Columbia

Country or area Canada
City Vancouver
Class Level Jr, Sr, Gr
Experience Type Immersion
Minimum GPA 3.0
Term Year, Spring Semester, Fall Semester
Taught In English
Language Prereq no
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About The Program

Nestled in cedar, pine, and spruce trees, Vancouver encourages a breathtaking and exciting journey. Its surroundings—including the close proximity to the Pacific Ocean—and its commitment to creating an exceptional learning environment, make the University of British Columbia a prime destination for scientific research. UBC offers a diverse range of courses to complement a UC education. Students are encouraged to use the world-leading laboratories for physics, as well as the center for interactive research in sustainability, and a center for plant research. During the fall semester, the Bamfield Marine Sciences Center on Barkley Sound provides the opportunity for biology majors to get hands-on learning in their field. Situated on campus and surrounded by evergreens and rhodendruns is The Chan Center for the Performing Arts. Called "The Chan", it's famous for its impeccable acoustics and is an integral part of campus life. Discover the refreshing city of Vancouver through endless opportunities for water and land sports, or bring your research to life on a waterfall hike, a walk through the world-famous gardens, or snorkeling near local islands. One of Canada's most ethnically diverse cities, Vancouver will also treat you to authentic cuisine from around the world.

Where you'll study

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is one of the world’s top research universities. The attractive Vancouver campus is in a natural oasis just 7 miles from downtown. In this spectacular location, a backdrop of forest and snow-capped mountains meets breathtaking ocean views. Students from all parts of Canada, and all over the world, apply to UBC to gain access to its outstanding science and research facilities. Some of these include world-leading laboratories for subatomic physics, a center for interactive research in sustainability and a center for plant research. Other campus highlights include the Chan Center for the Performing Arts, one of the world’s greatest concert halls. The city of Vancouver has revolutionary urban planning, so much so that city planners around the world take field trips to study it. For example, views of the mountains and harbor are important to residents. As a result, city buildings have openings that highlight the views. Vancouver’s citizens are all about living healthy and staying fit in the great outdoors, so get ready to enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, sailing and of course, skiing not far from campus.