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Birthplace of the Renaissance. Cultural mecca. Pizza and gelato paradise. The attractions are endless when it comes to Italy. Discover la dolce vita as you stroll through miles of elegant porticos and famous food markets of Bologna, suit up to learn the business side of Milan’s fashion runways and high-end commerce, visit Rome’s monumental sites clothed in marble, or meet with local artisans in Florence. As you master Italian, uncover Italy's passion through its language—call a treasured friend tesoro or display your sprezzatura, or nonchalant elegance, in historic piazzas.

Skyline view of red tiled Duomo dome, and roofs of Florence, Italy.

Grand Tour of Three European Cities

Sustainable Food Systems in the Mediterranean

Study globally important topics like migration, urbanization, and international trade relations while traveling and experiencing the food and culture of Italy and Turkey.

Follow the history, culture, and politics of the Mediterranean through three distinct cities: Florence, Syracuse, and Istanbul.

High angle view of buildings in Rome, Italy

Want to be an international journalist?

Communication Studies in Rome

Add a cross-cultural lens to your communications practice with courses in journalism and public relations in Italy.

Meet Italian public relations professionals and practice journalism in an international context.

A course in practical Italian combined with weekly Italian-language tours led by locals help you engage with the people of Italy.

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I absolutely loved Italy—the people, the food, the classes, the traveling, all of it. The annoyances were largely minor and none of them made me dislike my time. Rather, they made me appreciate the nuances of American culture that I hadn't seen before. I came to identify as an American in a way I did not think I would. I am better equipped to handle future situations where I am a "fish out of water" or solve ambiguous problems.

Nicole Mendoza UC Berkeley Political Science Italy

After advancing through four levels of Italian, I can confidently converse at a proficient level. With this knowledge of the native language, I was able to connect with local people ranging from nuns celebrating Easter in the small town of Crema to a host family with a young daughter in Naples.

Nicole Mendoza UC Berkeley Political Science Italy

My time abroad brought an incredible amount of cultural exposure which would have been impossible to recreate at my home university. Living in Italy meant speaking with locals on a daily basis, delicious Italian cuisine, and diving head first into Italian culture: fashion, body language, and expressions unique to Bologna like, “Dammi il tiro,” which is a way to ask to be buzzed into the building. These experiences simply cannot be prepared for or replicated in a classroom.

Joshua Beal UC San Diego Biochemistry and Cell Biology Italy

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