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Aerial view of Tokyo, Japan.

City at a Glance

Tokyo, Japan
Location South-central coast of Honshu Island
City type Megalopolis
Population 38 million
Official language(s) Japanese
Climate Subtropical
Average temperatures January: 41° F, July: 77° F
Landscape Urban, coastal

Oshiya, or pushers, help people squeeze into trains during rush hour.

About Tokyo

Like living life at an intense pace? Kick it up to light speed in the kinetic atmosphere of Tokyo. From neon lights to crowds to colorful subcultures—cosplay, tech geek, Harajuku fashion—the 24/7 city provides a kaleidoscope for the senses. The multifaceted metropolis tackles challenges of its dense environs and population with ingenuity. It's rail system, sushi conveyor belt restaurants, and capsule hotels demonstrate Tokyo's maximum efficiency and convenience. But make no mistake—Tokyo has elements of Japan's heritage in shrines, temples, and gardens, offering a break from the city's energetic momentum.

Where is Tokyo

35.680297050009, 139.76869097567

What to do in Tokyo

  • Asakusa neighborhood: Stop by the district with a reputation for after-dark restaurant hopping, the Skytree tower's colorful illumination, and a trendy art scene.
  • Kabukiza Theatre: Experience a cultural Kabuki performance—a traditional form of Japanese drama—with colorful costumes and striking black and white makeup.
  • Sumida River ride: Cruise in a futuristic water bus or on-demand water taxi along the river that leads to Tokyo Bay.
  • Electric Town: Buzz around electronics stalls and stores, cosplayers dressed in full costumes, and magnetic hostess bars called maid cafés in Akihabara.
  • Sumo match: Watch wrestlers practice the thunderous martial art and traditional rituals within the confinements of a 15-foot stadium ring.

I feel really lucky to have completed a study abroad experience at International Christian University (ICU). I'm very grateful to the UCEAP Tokyo team for doing their best to make our experience as amazing as possible. I'm very lucky to have had the opportunity to connect with the community as much as I did. Even though I was only at ICU for half a year, it definitely made my experience 10 times more meaningful.

Timothy Huang UC Berkeley Computer Science Japan



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