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Ancient rune stones, modern coffee houses, Viking ruins, chic cities, vast forests—Sweden is a soulful blend of medieval architecture, natural beauty, and clever, stylish design. With its innovative educational system, it is also a premier study abroad destination. The student-friendly city of Lund offers a chance to study in English at a top-ranked Scandinavian university. The college town of Lund encircles a striking cathedral complete with a mythological giant in the crypt and a marvelous astrological clock. An international hub for education and research, it is among the most affordable study abroad locales in Europe.

Aerial view of historic old town and Lund University, Scania, Lund, Sweden

Programs for biology and life-science majors

Lund University

Lund is a university town famous for its historic student nations offering year-round social activities and a cycling culture.

It’s a first-class research institution. Many courses include applied research on enzyme technology, drug formulation, bio-informants, and protein engineering.

Lund is also very popular with UC students. You’ll find plenty of courses in English, low-cost cafeterias, and affordable student housing.

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My first semester in Lund, Sweden was not all rosy, but learning to overcome hardship was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I grew so much and gained so many friends and experiences. As much as I appreciate my experiences at Berkeley, I don't feel changed in the same way as I do from my time in Sweden. Berkeley challenged me to grow academically, but Lund challenged me to grow as a person.

Sabra Diamond UC Berkeley Anthropology Sweden

When first considering studying abroad, all I could think of was wanting to go somewhere that would genuinely change me. I wanted to experience a new way of thinking, a new daily routine, and different ideologies. The students at Lund University taught me a profound lesson—grades are just a small part of who you are. Coming from a highly competitive environment, a lot of my self worth was placed on performing in school, but life has too much to offer to only worry about grades and career prospects. Swedish students and the friends I met all showed me how necessary it is to connect with people around the world, to explore new places, eat new foods, and most importantly, create a healthy and encouraging social circle.

Nicholas Gurnard UC Irvine Mechanical Engineering Sweden

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