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Communication professionals master important life skills and possess expertise employers want most. Taking your communication studies abroad expands your speaking, writing, and critical thinking abilities while you interact with people from varying backgrounds and new cultures. Learn how culture can shift verbal and non-verbal communication patterns in Rome. Understand how intercultural communication works at the interpersonal and organizational level in Shanghai. Discover how all forms of media play a part in building relationships between people, companies, and countries in Prague.

High angle view of buildings in Rome, Italy

Want to be an international journalist?

Communication Studies in Rome

Add a cross-cultural lens to your communications practice with courses in journalism and public relations in Italy.

Meet Italian public relations professionals and practice journalism in an international context.

A course in practical Italian combined with weekly Italian-language tours led by locals help you engage with the people of Italy.

Panoramic view of Guanajuato historic center  of Mexico City with colorful architecture

Want an international career in communications?

National Autonomous University of Mexico

If an international career in journalism, media, or public relations is in your future, you can’t go wrong with study abroad in Mexico. The National Autonomous University of Mexico is a gigantic university that offers the opportunity to study in English or Spanish.

Spending a semester or year in Mexico City can give you cross-cultural skills and a new sense of independence.

The experience will also add an international lens to your communications toolbox.

This internship taught me the power of human connection and the significance of human dignity. I built strong friendships and connections with the people at the Hope Exchange, but most of all, had realizations and inspiring moments about my life purpose. I developed deeper patience, empathy, and kindness. Ultimately, my experience brought me greater interpersonal and cross-cultural communications skills, growth in my event coordinating skills, insight into the legal system in South Africa, and a greater awareness about my career path in community-based policy advocacy and social work. I learned that any substantial institutional change is difficult and direct community change is challenging, but equally rewarding as I was able to directly see the impact of my work.

Aliza Newman UC Santa Barbara Communications and Political Science South Africa

As I return home, I reflect on my internship as a challenge that prepared me for my career plans in advertising and marketing. I know that this experience has made me a competitive candidate for transformative positions in my selected industry. I plan to bring my appreciation for and experience in another culture to any future roles.

Emma Cotter UC Los Angeles Communication Italy

This program provides a great opportunity to holistically learn about Parisian history and culture while diving into the specifics of social justice in France. The French language and history classes definitely supplemented the more specialized courses I took. Many classes incorporated onsite lessons, so the knowledge learned through readings and lectures is reinforced by the city itself. The program definitely made a lasting impact on my life. I am much more internationally aware and have a stronger desire to learn about other cultures. Even after I arrived home, I still immersed myself in French and European culture through podcasts, music, movies, and Duolingo.

Patrick Zhang UC Los Angeles Communication Studies France

In terms of career development, this internship gave me plenty of insight for my future taking into consideration both of my degrees. It gave me the experience to be successful and broadened the employment opportunities available to me upon graduation. I know from my experience that I can choose to work in the communication field immediately out of college. Not only did this internship allow me to apply what I learned in classes, it also allowed me to develop professional skills for any career.

Natalie Dye UC Santa Barbara Economics and Communication China

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