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Housing at HKUST is arranged for you before arrival in dorms on campus. You may live with local students from Hong Kong, but typically your floormates will be international students from all over the world.


Students tend to love the dorms at HKUST. Although small and simple, many of the rooms have gorgeous waterfront views. The rooms, which are doubles or triples, may have a bunk bed or multiple twin beds. You’ll find shared bathrooms, TV rooms, and microwave pantries (partial kitchens) on each floor. Returnees often compare the halls to a fraternity or sorority at UC. Dorm life is filled with group activities, a sense of camaraderie, and plenty of hall pride. Students often stay up late at night to work on projects and socialize, so expect it to be lively at night.


  • Shared bedroom
  • Shared bathroom
  • On campus
  • No meal plan

Live with

  • International students
  • Local Hong Kong students
  • UC students


The dorms on campus are close to classes and within a 10- to 15-minute walk.