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Homestays are an integral part of this program in Dublin. UCEAP will place you in a local Irish home based on information you provide before departure.


Your host family may be a single person or couple, with or without children. Homestays are located in residential areas outside of Dublin, such as the tiny coastal villages of Killiney and Dalkey. These two neighboring hamlets are on hilly terrain overlooking the Irish Sea with sweeping views of Dublin to the north and the mountains of Wales to the east. You may share a homestay with another student on the same program. Some homestays have family pets, so be sure to note your preferences in the housing form.


  • Private or shared bedroom
  • Private or shared bathroom
  • Off campus
  • Meal plan (breakfast and dinner on weekdays, lunch on weekends)

Live with

  • UC students
  • US students
  • Local Irish residents


Your daily commute to class will be approximately 40 minutes, depending on the location of your homestay.