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Fields of Study: Humanities, Social Sciences

In this six-week summer program, you can have an authentic European study experience with the comforts of learning in English. This program’s exciting lineup of course topics complement most majors but also add an international element and learning environment. Depending on your course selection, you might explore Europe’s politics, business world, health systems, or its vast variety of peoples and cultures.

Unique study opportunities

  • Attend interactive, small classes with peers from all over the world.
  • Get hands-on experiences such as field trips and on-site seminars in every class.
  • Discuss business challenges with local entrepreneurs.
  • Take classes on positive psychology or developmental neuropsychology.
  • Examine the Dutch Golden Age through a lecture and museum tour of the actual artwork.
  • Learn marketing skills for the 21st century.


Language of Instruction: English

Language Study: None

All courses are taught in English. Dutch language courses are not available.

Courses and credit

Requirements While Abroad

To successfully complete this program:

  • Take a full-time course of study: Two courses for a total of 10 quarter/6.6 semester UC units.
  • You can take one course pass/no pass.

Current Program Courses

The summer term is divided into two block periods of three weeks each. You will take one course per block. Course topics rotate regularly, but recent offerings include:

  • Medical Ethics
  • Leadership and Management in a Global World
  • Positive Psychology
  • European Welfare State: Current Challenges and Perspectives
  • Introduction to Developmental Neuropsychology
  • Psychology in Our World
  • Management: the fundamental principles
  • Business Strategy in the European Luxury Industry
  • History Great Power System
  • Economics of European Integration
  • Global Journalism: Searching for Truth in the Age of Fake News
  • Global Intercultural Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Dutch Art History
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Law and Politics
  • International Relations and World Politics
  • European Public Health

All courses on this program are at the upper-division level.

Research and independent study are typically not available on this program.

Catalogs and resources

Academic culture

Courses at Maastricht University do not follow a traditional lecture format. Instead, you’ll experience the university’s distinctive problem-based learning methodology on par with graduate seminar work at UC. You’ll work in small groups (10–12 students) on tasks and set your own learning objectives based on your background, education, and work experience. Learning in this system takes a thematic, interdisciplinary approach to combine both theory and practice. It builds individual initiative and collaborative project management skills.

You will register for courses prior to departure as part of your application to the Maastricht University Summer Program. 

Exam methods vary by course, but most require a written or oral exam at the end of the course. Your evaluation may also be based on a combination of a paper, class participation and presentations, case studies, and a final exam. Retaking exams is unfortunately not an option. You can find assessment information for courses in the block book.


You will earn direct UC credit and grades for all coursework. Grades for this program are typically available in early October.