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Your housing in Oslo is guaranteed by a local housing service as long as you promptly return your application after you are accepted.


Students will stay in off campus housing at The Ronningen, a hostel that converts to dorm housing for ISS students during the summer. The rooms are double occupancy, modern, and clean with a private toilet, sink, and shower. There is also 24-hour staffed reception. Outside of the dorm building is the protected Nordmarka nature area. Students will have access to a gym, work-out rooms, a game room, and more. On-campus events will take place at Ronnningen throughout the summer that include sports, films, and cultural events. 


  • Shared bedroom
  • Shared bathroom
  • Off campus
  • Breakfast and a lunch station are included every day of the week at the dorms 

Live with

  • International students


The dorm is located 25-30 minutes away from the University of Oslo and there is a direct bus line to the Blindern Campus where ISS courses are held.