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Fields of Study: Humanities, Science, Engineering

This spring semester program includes an internship plus academic coursework and extracurricular activities in one of three tracks: Engineering and Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Industrial Design. You can take courses from more than one track and choose from additional courses in history, archaeology, or basic Hebrew for a truly customized learning experience.

Unique study opportunities

  • Study alongside Israeli and other international students.
  • Participate in weekly lectures, trips, and social events with engineering and science students.
  • Design a highly complex product with a human-centered approach and learn how to conduct end user testing with prototype


Language of Instruction: English

Hebrew Language Study: Optional

Hebrew language study is optional, but available to obtain the most benefit from the program, particularly during your interactions with locals during the internship. All other instruction is in English.

Courses and credit

Requirements While Abroad

To successfully complete this program:

  • Participate in a nine-week full-time internship worth 9 quarter/6 semester UC units. You may take the internship for pass/no pass or letter grade.
  • After your internship, take a full-time course of study: Three to six courses for a total of 22.5 quarter/15 semester UC units.
  • You may take up to one-third (33%) of your academic unit load per term on a pass/no pass basis (the internship is not included in the one-third total). To ensure you receive major credit, check with your UC campus department about restrictions on the pass/no pass grading option.

Current Program Courses

You’ll enroll in an internship course alongside the internship during the first nine weeks of the program. During the second part of the program, you chose three to six courses from three academic tracks. You can focus on one particular track, or you can choose courses from all three tracks. Additional courses are offered in history, archeology, and basic Hebrew.

Internship course
  • You earn 9 quarter/6 semester UC units for the internship and the internship course together.
  • The course takes place throughout the internship and includes a planning report, bi-weekly reporting sessions with the instructor, and a final report.
Term courses

You’ll earn 22.5 quarter UC units during the academic term portion of the program. The number of courses you’ll take depends on the number of units for each course. The Technion International program offers three tracks; you may focus on a single track or take courses from any of the tracks:

  • Engineering and Science offers courses in a variety of engineering and science areas.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses introduce the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the Israeli-Technion model. The core of the semester consists of a project to help you develop an idea into a business plan or a start-up company.
  • Industrial Design offers History and theory of Industrial Design, Industrial Design and human factors in healthcare, and a studio course.

Catalogs and resources

  • Technion Study Abroad courses: Select the Courses & Syllabi menu for online course listings.
  • UCEAP Course Catalog: See a list of courses UC students have taken on this program. This is a new program; only a few courses are listed.
  • Campus Credit Abroad: Learn the types of credit (major, minor, general education, elective) students from your campus received at this location.

Academic culture

At Technion, you have the opportunity to study alongside Israeli and other international students. Class sizes range from around 30 to 40 students. Engineering courses are generally a mixture of lecture and discussion while humanities courses tend to be lecture based. Courses usually have an accompanying section led by a teaching assistant who guides the class through important material and assigns work. Professors and teaching assistants are available to answer questions during class and by office hours.

Courses at Technion are rigorous and you should expect to spend time outside of class studying. Much like at UC, you are expected to complete homework assignments that can be both individual and group projects.

On Wednesdays, Technion offers the Wednesday Noon Happening. Teachers do not hold class for two hours during this time so that students may participate in arts and crafts fairs, music events, and student marketplaces.


You will earn direct UC credit and grades for all coursework. Grades are usually available by October.