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Cherry Blossom in spring at Gyeongbokgung Palace  Seoul, South Korea.

Program at a Glance

Yonsei University

Country or area Korea, South
City Seoul
Class Level So, Jr, Sr, Gr
Experience Type Immersion
Minimum GPA 2.85
Term Fall sem, Spring sem, Year
Taught In English, Korean
Language Prereq no
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About The Program

Seoul is a fashion and technology trendsetter with traditional roots showcased in its temples, shrines, and palaces. At Yonsei University, immerse yourself in the South Korean lifestyle. Take a class on Korean history, study Korean pop culture, experience the comedy of Nanta, a wordless cooking performance, and learn about K-drama. You can pursue classes in any major and, if you have a soft spot for East Asian culture, you’ll find this program especially rewarding. In a buddy program, a Korean student can connect you to the best of Seoul’s lively college nightlife and Korean street food at a night market.

Where you'll study

Yonsei University is a private research university set on the former site of a royal palace. Referred to as one the “SKY” universities, Yonsei University is among the three most prestigious schools in South Korea. Yonsei University also has one of the most beautiful campuses. Recently renovated, the modern and historical buildings are surrounded by various gardens, fountains, and monuments. The main quad area resembles an Ivy League university with gothic stone buildings. Apart from the campus, Yonsei university is located right in front of Sinchon, a lively college neighborhood full of restaurants and exciting nightlife. The Sinchon area is especially popular amongst students from nearby universities.


The study center arranges field trips and activities to introduce the local culture and special features of your host country. There may be other optional excursions, which you can explore after arrival.

Whitewater rafting and forest hike to the cliff in Yeongwol

Explore the city on surrey bikes 

Student cohort dinner

A guided tour of Jinkwansa

Farewell banquet event including talent show, games, and dinner

As a civil and environmental engineering major interested in natural landscapes, I enjoyed the discussions in my environmental planning class as well as visits to national parks such as Bukhan Mountain. There is so much to see in Seoul. The subway system is easy to use to get around. I love Korean food. Study abroad is definitely something undergraduates should experience, and both Yonsei and the city of Seoul have a lot to offer.

Erik Chang UC Los Angeles Civil and Environmental Engineering Korea, South

I had a wonderful time at Dreamfora as a software engineer intern. My role was to oversee the backend infrastructure and set up the testing module for our development team. I learned a lot about industry standards and tools that help run present-day applications. Much of this experience can't be gained in a classroom and it was extremely beneficial for me. Having the chance to intern in a Korean startup was also culturally enriching and I would highly recommend it.

Taehoon Kim UC Berkeley Computer Science Korea, South

Study abroad can be lonely and scary. This trip will test you in ways you never asked for; and in return, the rewards are indescribable.

Naomi Chong UC Davis Korea, South

As an Asian-looking person who's not Korean, the most interesting experience has been people asking me for directions. When they realize I don't speak Korean well, they are bewildered. Even more so when I explain my parents aren't Korean either.

Shu-Hua Cheng UC Los Angeles Korea, South

I always heard people say study abroad changed their lives, but I didn't truly understand until I did it. There were moments I was confused, uncomfortable, and even frustrated and those didn't come close to the feelings of fulfillment, excitement, and pure happiness I felt throughout my time abroad!

Seikha Ghavidel UC Santa Barbara Korea, South

My internship showed me that I am capable of learning challenging tools and technologies on my own. While I struggled at times, it gave me the opportunity to learn about a technology I had been afraid to learn alone.

Kamille Suayan UC Irvine Computer Science Korea, South

The internship allowed me not only to work on a technically sophisticated and life-changing project; it also exposed me to the working world of Korea. It was an entirely unique experience I never would have had otherwise.

Brea Spencer UC Santa Barbara English Korea, South

Truthfully, I was looking for another excuse to go abroad. It's no secret to students pursuing jobs in tech that the summer of your junior year is critical for getting an internship to make the post-graduation an easier time. As a cognitive science major with a double minor in computing and data science engineering, a summer in Yonsei was the best of both worlds: an engineering internship and experience abroad!

Lindsey Mardona UC Los Angeles Cognitive Science and Computing Korea, South

I believe this unique experience gave me a new perspective and skill set that will set me apart as I take on the world of business. 

Olivia Pritikin UC San Diego International Business Korea, South

Interning at KED Media Group, I gained firsthand experience in the Korean media and broadcast industry, learned to collaborate with other writers, and was fortunate enough to complete projects to add to my Creative Writing portfolio.

Elisa Park UC Riverside Creative Writing Korea, South

My internship experience at Ethiopian Airlines not only provided insight into the intricacies of the airline and marketing industries but also served as a transformative journey that expanded my perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Embracing differences and fostering a spirit of collaboration at both personal and business levels emerged as essential elements in creating strong connections between diverse entities.

Huy Bui UC Irvine Business Administration Korea, South

This internship was excellent exposure to the Korean healthcare system and has positively impacted my journey to pursue a career in medicine.

Kristen Chang UC Berkeley Nutritional Sciences Korea, South

While studying abroad, I participated as a marketing intern for Ethiopian Airlines in their Seoul office, where the most important lesson I learned was teamwork and the value of coworker relationships. The communication skills I gained will be used in any career I pursue. 

Milan Au UC Riverside Business Administration Korea, South

While not directly related to my major, the internship has enhanced my writing skills and contributed to a future research paper. Working in a team-based setting helped me grow in leadership and communication skills. The marketing strategies I developed can assist in promoting environmental solutions in the future. The internship also contributed to my understanding of marketing, social media, and business in South Korea.

Yvette Lee UC Los Angeles Ecology Behavior and Evolution Korea, South