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During your time in Lund, you’ll live in a dorm off campus. Before departure you’ll be able to research and apply for your preferred dorm online with the university housing service. 


The dorms and amenities vary, but you will have plenty of time to research the dorm and review photos before departure. In all cases, rooms are private and you’ll share the kitchen and living area with other international and Swedish students in your corridor. 


  • Private bedroom
  • Private or shared bathroom
  • Off campus
  • No meal plan

Live with

  • International students
  • Local Swedish students
  • UC students


Dorms are located all over the city of Lund. The majority of the dorms are within a 20-minute walk of university buildings. For some dorms, it may be more convenient to take the bus or ride a bike like the locals. Lund is a bike-friendly city year-round. You’ll get to know your corner of Lund as you pedal your way to and from class.