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Conduct a research project with professors and graduate students in your field and build a portfolio for graduate school or the private sector. On this type of program, you'll take your skills, ideas, and perspectives to a new location abroad and learn new methods for developing and presenting your work. This type of program is ideal for pursuing a research idea independently under the guidance of a mentor. Choose this type of program if you want to work in facilities and with equipment not available on your home campus.

Studying abroad and conducting research in Japan was a fantastic opportunity for academic exploration and expanding my knowledge of artificial intelligence. Over the course of my internship I learned a plethora of knowledge about what it means to conduct research in computer science.

Brady Chan UC Santa Cruz Computer Science Japan

I have never had the experience of learning something in the classroom and then seeing it firsthand every single day. Knowledge never came as easily or stuck with me as it did in Australia. I am now working on publishing another scientific paper. My confidence in myself and my ability is multitudes higher since returning from my study abroad experience.

Madeleine Frick UC Santa Barbara Biology Australia

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