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As both a modern, technological society and a country steeped in history, Ireland beckons with its lush green hills and friendly people. Whether your focus is politics, science, or all things Irish, you'll find it in one of three distinct locations. Home to over 1 million people, the Dublin has a varied cultural scene and student-friendly atmosphere. Cork boasts a flourishing arts scene with public painting and galleries as well as international film festivals. Known as the most Irish of Ireland’s cities, Galway proudly maintains the native Irish language. This growing city, with its winding lanes and brightly painted pubs, remains small and easy to navigate.

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Dublin City hall during the day in Dublin, Ireland.

Engage in Irish Politics

Irish Parliament Internship

Engage in real-world politics working with a member of Parliament. Research issues and connect with citizens as you get an inside view of how the parliamentary system works. If you see a future in government, politics, law, or international relations, this opportunity is for you.

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Beyond allowing me to improve my research, writing, and editing skills, my internship improved my professional confidence immensely. While I expected to enjoy working in parliament, I did not predict how much impact this work would have on my future career goals. I was set on attending law school after graduation, and I was able to reflect and recognize that there are many other political careers I hadn't considered. After my experience, I've developed a strong interest in pursuing a career in speech writing or policy research. More than the professional development, I was reminded of the awe-inspiring power that elected representatives are given and how that power, when used correctly, can make the world a more peaceful and equitable place.

Bridget Poisel UC Los Angeles Political Science Ireland

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