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Field of Study: Chemistry

This program offers two fast-paced organic chemistry courses, divided into two four-week sessions. Each course includes lectures, labs, workshops, and tutorials to apply your knowledge.  The organic chemistry courses have been approved by:

UCLA to satisfy Chem 30A/AL and 30B/BL

UCSB to satisfy Chem 109A, 109B, and 6AL

UCSD to satisfy Chem 41A, 41B, and 43C

UCI to satisfy Chem 51A, 51B, 51LB, and 51LC

UCB to satisfy Chem 3A/3AL and 3B/3BL

UCR to satisfy Chem 8A/LA and 8B/LB

UCD to satisfy Che 8AB, Che 118ABC, or Che 128/129ABC

UCSC Chem 8A, Chem 8B, Chem 8L, and Chem 8M

Unique study opportunities

  • Complete organic chemistry courses that are equivalent to courses offered at your UC campus to fulfill UC degree requirements in the life sciences.
  • Conduct chemistry lab experiments for in-depth understanding of molecular structures, separation of mixtures, alcohols, and carbohydrates.
  • Learn about the culture and society of Ireland through organized weekend trips to popular Irish destinations.


Language of Instruction: English

Language Study: None

Courses and Credit

Requirements While Abroad

To successfully complete this program:

  • Take two courses for a total of 12 quarter/8 semester UC units.
  • Take both courses for a letter grade; pass/no pass grading isn't available on this program.

Current Program Courses

Additional or optional coursework, internships, and research for academic credit are not possible on this program. 

Campus-specific pre-reqs:

UCI: Chem 1C & Chem 1LD with a C- or better


UCLA: Chem 20A & 20B; Math 31A & 31B

UCSB: Chem 1AL-2BL-3CL, AND either Chem 1B with min. grade of B- OR Chem 1C with a C- or better   

UCB: Chem 1A/1AL with a C better. Pre-health students should take organic chemistry at Berkeley.

UCD: CHE 2B with C- or better if seeking CHE 8A credit; CHE 2C with a C- or better if seeking CHE118 or 128 credit.

UCR: Chem 1C/LC or 2C/LC with a C- or better

UCSC: CHEM 1A/B/C with labs, or Chem 3A/B/C with labs, or Chem 4A/B with labs.  All with a C or better.

Catalogs and resources

  • UCEAP Course Catalog: See a list of courses students have taken on this program. This is not a current representation of course offerings on this program. Reference the above links to review recent course offerings. 
  • Campus Credit Abroad: Learn the types of credit (major, minor, general education, elective) students from your campus received at this location. There are currently no listings for this program in the database.

Academic culture

This fast-paced program focuses on organic chemistry. You will be covering two quarters' worth of O-Chem over 8-weeks (two 4-week blocks). The program requires a substantial time commitment: full class attendance, lab participation, and time spent independently studying, doing research, or doing homework outside of class. Each week will include four 2-hour lectures, one 1-hour 'problem workshop' with the course instructor, two 1-hour tutorials, and three 3-hour labs. You will have an exam every week, weekly homework sheets, and final exam weeks 4 and 8. Exams are problem-solving, not multiple choice. 

During this intensive program, lecturers and teaching assistants are readily available to you. You have the advantage of small classes and friendly tutors. 

Changes to the timetable or rescheduling assessments and exams aren't possible. If you find you are struggling or falling behind, talk to a faculty or associate tutor immediately. Faculty members or instructors are most often called lecturers. The title of professor is rarely used and held only by the head of a department or a chairman.


You'll earn direct UC credit and grades for all coursework. Grades are usually available in mid-September.

There are several steps involved before the grades you receive at University College Dublin will be posted on your UC transcript. Seniors should carefully consider the time delay in processing grades and make sure they do not require grades sooner than what may be possible. No individual expediting is possible.