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With the exception of a weekend camping trip in the desert (when you’ll be living in a Bedouin tent), you’ll live in a prearranged homestay and be warmly welcomed by your Jordanian host family in Amman.


Your homestay will be a single-family home. In Amman, the neighborhoods come alive after sunset. Evening meals, which are included in the homestay, are intimate affairs. Jordanians gather around communal plates flavored with sesame, sage, mint, and thyme. Drinking tea and coffee throughout the day is an important part of the Jordanian culture, particularly after meals. The tea is generally black, sweetened liberally, and served in tiny portions steeped with herbs. You may spend your weekends exploring the city with fellow students or taking trips with your host family and attending neighborhood soccer games.


  • Private bedroom
  • Shared bathroom
  • Off campus
  • Meal plan (breakfast and dinner)

Live with

  • Local residents


Homestays are typically 20-40 minutes away from classes by public transportation, which could be a bus, taxi, or ride-sharing service.