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Fields of Study: Social Sciences

At Bocconi University, you can take university courses taught in English that focus on business, economics, or politics in a global context. The university has excellent course offerings in accounting, decision sciences, finance, law, marketing, management, policy analysis, and public management. It is also a great option for anyone double majoring in political science and economics or focusing on political economy within a political science major.

Unique study opportunities

  • Live and learn in downtown Milan, the heart of commerce, finance, and arts in northern Italy.
  • Access courses in innovative areas such as management of arts, culture, and communication and international institutions management.
  • Carry out a research project or independent study with a Bocconi professor.


Language of Instruction: English, Italian

Italian Language Study: Required during ILP and optional during term 

Intensive Language Program

This program begins with a two-week intensive language program (ILP) from beginning to advanced levels to help you get familiar with the Italian language and academic culture at your knowledge level. 

Fall and Spring Semester

Throughout the term, you may be able to continue Italian language study by enrolling in a continuation of the Italian Follow-Up Course. This course is not considered an academic course and does not offer UC credit. It is offered in the evenings and comes with a certificate of participation for attending at least 75% of the classes.

If you’d like to take courses taught in Italian, complete two years of university-level Italian before the program start date. 

Courses and credit

Requirements While Abroad

To successfully complete this program:

  • Take a full-time course of study: Three to four courses with a total of 18-24 quarter/12-16 semester UC units.
  • You can take one course per semester pass/no pass.
  • Complete one ILP course with a total of 4 quarter/2.7 semester UC units for pass/no pass grade.

Current Program Courses

You will complete course registration before your arrival in Milan, but there is an add/drop period at the beginning of the semester. Most courses on this program are at the upper-division level. Before you enroll in courses, review the prerequisites for all courses to ensure that you have the appropriate background (see Catalogs and Resources in this section).

A limited number of political science courses are offered in the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management. 


You have the option to carry out a research project or independent study under the supervision of a Bocconi professor. If you are interested in engaging in a special project, the content, length, and structure will be agreed upon with your faculty supervisor after arrival. The academic advisors at Bocconi can help you identify a suitable professor for your proposed research project. The research will be graded and given credit, based on the recommendation of the professor, as one course. 

Catalogs and resources

To see the classes available at this university, use the following resources:

Academic culture

The University of Commerce Luigi Bocconi is a rigorous university. You can expect the workload to be comparable to work at UC, with a significant amount of time required for studying.

At the start of the term, professors may hand out detailed syllabi and reading lists. Many professors also provide readers with important articles and excerpts. In order to ensure you get the appropriate UC credit for the coursework you take abroad, it is critical that you retain all such information, as well as lecture notes and any papers or projects you produce for your courses.


You will earn direct UC credit and grades for all coursework. Grades for the fall semester are typically available by late February and grades for the spring semester are typically available by late July.


Final exams cover the entire semester’s work and are mostly written. Listen closely at the Bocconi orientation for information on signing up for exams, as following the university’s procedure is critical to your success.

There is a special exam period at the end of the fall semester created specifically for international students that runs from mid-to-late December and will allow you to return to your home campus in time for the winter quarter or spring semester. 

There are two exam periods at the end of the spring semester. You can choose to take your exams in the first period which runs from mid-to-late May, or you can choose to take your exams in the second period which runs from early to late June.