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Fields of Study: Humanities, Social Sciences

Explore British culture, politics, history, and society from a variety of perspectives. The curriculum pays special attention to London as a social and cultural powerhouse in the world, and it draws on the special resources of greater London to examine these dynamics. Through course trips and cultural activities, London becomes your classroom. You’ll take one core course and choose three elective courses.

Unique study opportunities

  • Attend a concert in the UK as part of a course examining London’s music scene.
  • Discover the London theater scene by attending plays in person and going on a backstage tour.
  • Explore the differences in health systems between the US and the UK.
  • Get an insider’s view of British films and cinema through weekly viewings and discussions.


Language of Instruction: English

Language Study: None

Courses and credit

Requirements While Abroad

To successfully complete this program:

  • Take a full-time course of study: Four courses for a total of 20 quarter/13.3 semester UC units.
  • You take one core course and choose three elective courses. All courses are upper division and each is worth 5 UC quarter/3.3 UC semester units.
  • You may choose to take one course pass/no pass on this program. To ensure you receive major credit, check with your campus academic department about restrictions on this grading option.

Current Program Courses

Core Course
  • London: Society and Space: Explore the interrelated themes of modernity, power and equality, and culture and identity while examining London as a global city. Subject areas: Anthropology, History, Geography
Electives (choose three)

Final offerings vary depending on enrollment and instructor availability, and will be announced prior to the start of the program. Current courses include:

  • The London Music Scene: Study London’s role as a vibrant world center of popular music innovation, the intercultural dialogue between Britain and America, and the impact of genres such as blues, jazz, and rock’n’roll. Subject areas: Music, Sociology
  • Britain and the E.U.: Analyze the processes of European integration and E.U. policies, in light of the peculiar and often problematic relationship between Great Britain and the E.U. Subject areas: Political Science, European Studies
  • London Museums: Examine the relationship between museum collections and key moments in the nation’s history through visits to both world-class and lesser-known London museums. Subject areas: Anthropology, Art History, Sociology
  • Theater in London: Take advantage of life in one of the world’s preeminent theater capitals by studying and then attending and analyzing a series of plays currently in production in London. Students enrolled in this course are assessed an additional fee to cover the cost of theater tickets. Subject areas: Dramatic Arts, English
  • British Cinema: Get an insider’s view of British films through weekly viewings and discussions, while examining cinematic representations of the individual “nations” within the United Kingdom. Subject areas: Film and Media Studies
  • Comparative Healthcare: UK and US: Compare the UK's National Health Service and the American health system. Explore differences in the way health systems are funded and delivered, and differences in health outcomes of the patients they serve. Examine recent health policy developments in the UK relevant to the American health system. Subject areas: Health Sciences
  • Comparative Media: US and UK: Focus on the differing approaches and styles used by US and UK media. Learn about press and journalism business models, and examine cross national difference in terms of ethics, style of media content, and access to working in the creative industries in each country.
  • Internship plus Workforce course: Work around six hours per week plus participate in the Workforce course—the schedule will not conflict with other courses and the internship work hours. The Workforce course may need to be scheduled on Friday mornings. Students enrolled in this course are assessed an additional fee and are required to obtain a Tier 4 student visa. Subject areas vary depending on placement. Internship placements are limited. If you are not placed in an internship, you will need a back-up elective course in mind.

Catalogs and resources

  • Core course: Review a complete description of this course, including objectives, outcomes, activities, readings, schedule, assessment, and other details.
  • Elective courses: Review current course descriptions, objectives, and readings.
  • Internship Plus Workforce course: See internship options and outline for the course.
  • UCEAP Course Catalog: See a list of courses UC students have taken on this program.
  • Campus Credit Abroad: Learn the types of credit (major, minor, general education, elective) students from your campus received at this location.

Academic culture

Alumni often praise the thought-provoking qualities of classes offered in this program and value the opportunity to complement class time with field walks, museum visits, theater performances, and guest lectures. Designed for UC students, courses follow the American model, with daily lectures, readings, continual assessment, and assignments.

The focus of the program is careful analysis of London and British society. Courses are taught by experienced and engaging British professors from universities in the London area. You’ll be expected to assimilate and then compare and critique what you read, see, and experience around you. Instructors welcome questions and lively discussion in the classroom. Most program faculty are themselves products of British and French traditional academic culture, and generally admire independence and self-discipline in managing readings and assignments, strong writing skills, and intellectual curiosity. If you exhibit these qualities, you are sure to shine in this program.


You will earn direct UC credit and grades for all coursework. Grades are usually available mid-February.