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Gain international work experience while studying abroad. Internships in the fields of art, business, community services, data collection, government, education, public relations, and health have all been taken in recent years by UCEAP students. A limited number of internships is available, so it’s important to identify an alternative course in case you don’t get an internship.

Key Facts

  • Internships are optional
  • Students enrolled in the internship are assessed an additional fee
  • Internships may require an additional visa process


You can intern in English.


You’ll take a course to guide your internship experience. To meet the course requirements, you may be required to participate in meetings, discussions, journaling, and a final project.

  • The internship can replace a course
  • Letter grade or pass/no pass credit


To arrange your internship, you may fill in a form or meet with an advisor. Depending on your goals and interests, you may find a match right away. You may also need to attend an interview to determine whether an internship placement is a good fit. You make most arrangements before you arrive.