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How to Apply

Your campus study abroad office, college academic advisor, and an advisor from UCEAP will help you apply. Generally, you can expect to start a program about 9 months after you submit an application. Here are the steps to get started:

1. Review the eligibility requirements

Under Eligibility, you can find the minimum requirements for this program. Most requirements must be met at the time you apply. If you have questions, a study abroad advisor on campus can help.   

2. Visit your campus study abroad office

The study abroad office at your UC campus has special instructions for applying. A UCEAP advisor in this office can answer questions and offer one-on-one guidance as you choose a program and apply. They can also share resources that will help you and your college academic advisor integrate study abroad into your degree plans.

3. Submit your application

Register for a UCEAP account, select your program, and complete the online application. You may need to upload transcripts, passport photos, or other documents.

After your campus study abroad office reviews your application and nominates you to study abroad, you will work with advisors at the UCEAP systemwide office. If a third-party provider or host university is affiliated with your program, you may also work with them. 

Will you get in?

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you should be able to study abroad. Each application is considered carefully and UCEAP will work with you, your campus study abroad advisors, and the host university abroad to ensure that you are accepted into a program. If your first choice isn't available for any reason, UCEAP will work with you to identify the next best option and transfer your application. It's not necessary to submit more than one application.


Application deadlines are listed on your UC campus study abroad website. If an application deadline has passed, you may still be able to apply. Your campus study abroad office can advise you on your options.

 Campus Instructions and Tips
UC Berkeley Fill in the dropdown menus at the top of the page to view the deadline for this program. Or, select “UCEAP Programs” as the provider to see all UCEAP deadlines.
UC Davis View an A-Z list of deadlines by country.
UC Irvine View a list of UCEAP deadlines. 
UC Los Angeles View an A-Z list of deadlines by country.
UC Merced Download the UCEAP deadlines PDF on this page to view all program deadlines by upcoming date.
UC Riverside Log into MyUCR Abroad to view application deadlines.
UC San Diego Browse upcoming deadlines by calendar month. You can also filter deadlines by date or country using the links at the top of the calendar.
UC Santa Barbara View an A-Z list of deadlines by country.
UC Santa Cruz View UCEAP deadlines by academic year and term abroad. 


Note: If you have applied to participate in a UCEAP program and need to withdraw, contact your campus study abroad advisor to understand your options.