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The laws of math and physics may be universal but how engineering is practiced varies around the world. Taking your engineering studies abroad will illustrate how theory is applied to make better systems and designs that work to solve problems in an international context. You'll expand the necessary soft skills like cross-cultural communication, teamwork, and leadership that will help you become a standout engineer. Learn how engineers in other parts of the world are contributing to industries like energy, healthcare, electronics, and manufacturing in Hong Kong. Gain practical experience devising solutions for waste water management in an environmental engineering lab in Chile.

As an aspiring environmental engineer and a student of color, I want to revamp current civil systems for rural and developing communities through renewable energy, green infrastructure, sustainable materials, and better water, electric, and broadband networks. I want to redefine engineering to be not only about projects but more about the people they serve.

Akshyae Singh UC Los Angeles Cognitive Science and Environmental Engineering Singapore

As a civil and environmental engineering major interested in natural landscapes, I enjoyed the discussions in my environmental planning class as well as visits to national parks such as Bukhan Mountain. There is so much to see in Seoul. The subway system is easy to use to get around. I love Korean food. Study abroad is definitely something undergraduates should experience, and both Yonsei and the city of Seoul have a lot to offer.

Erik Chang UC Los Angeles Civil and Environmental Engineering Korea, South

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