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Gain insights on thought processes, motivators, and human behavior. Taking your psychology studies abroad will reveal how culture can influence human behavior and affirm the ways that we can be motivated by the same things. See first-hand the challenges that psychologists in other societies face and how they operate within the communities they serve. Examine how people with memory issues, psychiatric disorders, and developmental conditions are cared for in countries outside the US. Learn research methods, including qualitative and quantitative methods, and statistics to strengthen your research skills.

My internship greatly contributed to my academic studies as well as my future career aspirations. As a psychology major, I learned about many aspects of marketing such as data analysis, video production, and graphic design.

Lauren Chung UC Los Angeles Psychology Korea, South

This internship has been a significant and positive experience that fits well with my psychology pre-med major. It provided me with a unique set of skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, technological literacy, and effective communication and a global perspective that will contribute to my academic studies and future career in medicine.

Esther Simbolon UC Riverside Psychology Korea, South

I deliberately chose the shortest program I could find and ended up feeling like it wasn’t long enough! Our classes followed problem-based learning which meant doing the reading prior so we could participate in the discussions. Initially, the idea of speaking in class was jarring to me, but I learned that the class may benefit from what I share just as I would from what my classmates share.

Kimberly Kapelson UC Santa Cruz Psychology Netherlands

Despite facing unfamiliar and challenging tasks in the workplace, my internship was overwhelmingly positive and inspired new interests. I became fascinated with the business aspect of positive applied psychology. This internship strengthened my commitment to the field of psychology and opened a door to marketing and media opportunities in the context of mental health.

Jahnavi Srinivas UC Los Angeles Psychology Australia

My internship in Singapore was an invaluable experience that aligned my interests and helped me decide to pursue a career in a creative and academic field. Through my role as a graphic designer, I developed crucial communication and design skills, gained insight into the inner workings of an art-focused organization, and learned the importance of being earnest in professional pursuits. 

Anna Ma UC Berkeley Psychology and Cognitive Science Singapore

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