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Scotland offers a wealth of cultural options, scenic beauty ,and just a hint of mystery as home to the legendary Loch Ness (and perhaps the even more beguiling kilt and bagpipe). Consider Glasgow for a big-city experience complete with haggis in gastropubs, friendly locals, and one of the liveliest indie music scenes outside of London. For a truly student-centric experience, coastal St Andrews strikes a fine balance as a small town with a big name, drawing scholars from all over the world. Those interested in politics will have a unique vantage point in the capital, Edinburgh, as Scotland decides its status with the United Kingdom in the coming years.

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View of St Andrew's from the water

University of St Andrews

Step into the interactive storybook that is Scotland and attend an important university situated in a small Scottish town. St Andrews is a tight-knit academic community that invests heavily in students. You’ll have lots of support and activities that make a small town feel big. Sign up for the study skills workshop at the start of term to adjust quickly to the new academic system.

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