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Everyday conversations with teachers and local students hone your language skills and give you confidence. This study abroad experience demands your full attention as you focus completely on communicating in the language and living in a new cultural context. Start each day with language study and spend your afternoons practicing those skills on activities and tours. Outside the classroom, you’ll put those language skills in action as you buy groceries, talk with neighbors, and ride the subway. Choose this type of program if you want to be understood in another language and have the flexibility to work internationally after graduation.


After advancing through four levels of Italian, I can confidently converse at a proficient level. With this knowledge of the native language, I was able to connect with local people ranging from nuns celebrating Easter in the small town of Crema to a host family with a young daughter in Naples.

Nicole Mendoza UC Berkeley Political Science Italy

I went to France to follow my dreams and learn the language, but what I got was so much more. I made lifelong friends from across the continent of Europe. I fell in love with a French boy, learned more about myself than ever, and I got to see the world. As the cherry on top, my French is amazing and I even speak Italian now too!

Daniel Alvarado UC Santa Barbara English France

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