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Few European countries have gone through the identity transformations in the 20th and 21st centuries as Germany. Now global powerhouse, the nation is an ideal destination for the career-oriented student, with many learning opportunities in a remarkable city. Berlin is both a trendy city and an epicenter of historic events that have shaped modern Europe. In this ever-evolving, creative climate, Berliners enjoy open green spaces, infinite recreation options, and a surprisingly inexpensive cost of living for a European capital.

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Architects of the digital world

Computer science abroad

Take your computer science education to places where theory meets practice. Explore software and algorithms, data science and artificial intelligence, information management and security. Practice problem solving through study, work, and life in a new place. Add an international dimension to your résumé and prepare for a career in a competitive world.

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I am most grateful for the opportunity to travel a different continent and meet new people, visit amazing historical landmarks, and indulge in the cultures of the countries I visited. It helped me learn about values, traditions, and norms that are different from the ones I am personally familiar with as a Mexican-American. I can gladly say that I managed to learn more than I expected – about the political system of Germany, the environmental accomplishments of the Netherlands, the history of Denmark, the reason for political unrest in Catalonia, and so much more.

Leonardo Santiago UC Berkeley Political Science Germany

Under the German education system and its purpose to train students to become future researchers, I had the opportunity to define my research question, consult secondary literature, and write. Essentially, I completed the experience of starting research from scratch.

Qian Chen UC San Diego Philosophy Germany

At the beginning of my stay in Germany, I had difficulty understanding others and was often tempted to switch to English. Although it was difficult and I made many mistakes, I gradually improved my conversational skills and by the end I felt confident carrying a basic everyday conversation in German.

Colin Wright UC Santa Barbara Ecology and Evolution Germany

UCEAP gave me the opportunity to broaden my mind in a way that could only be achieved by living abroad. My time in Germany reinforced my intention of attending graduate school in Germany. I have a good understanding of Germany culture, language, and the education system. Additionally, I have gained new perspectives from being amongst locals in Berlin and international students in my program. I will bring these new understandings back to my home university and apply them in my classes.

Emily Busche UC Santa Cruz Anthropology Germany

The exposure to creative processes, critical analysis, and professional versatility this internship provided has helped me achieve my goal of integrating into a different society and gave me skills applicable to both my studies and my career ambitions.

Jay Titterud UC Davis Managerial Economics Germany

My internship was really inspiring and made me feel like I could change my community. I wanted it to give me a sense of what it meant to be a citizen of the world and explore the many cultures that Berlin has to offer, and it did. I knew Berlin was a diverse city from my research, but I didn’t know the extent until I arrived. Since everyone at my internship was from a different place, I was able to learn why different people move to Berlin, what they liked about it, and how the startup world has affected the dynamics of living in a city like Berlin. I learned what it's like to be in a culturally and ethnically diverse work environment. I am forever grateful for the experiences I had abroad and will take the memories I made with me for the rest of my life.

Rosemarie De La Melena UC Berkeley Media Studies Germany

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